The development of Construction Management software has improved the way construction professionals operate. The use of software has seen increased productivity, efficiency, and made the firms more competitive. The types of responsibilities previously administered by construction professionals are now performed by the programs. Today, contractors use different types of construction software for estimating costs, accounting, project management, scheduling, and computer-aided design.  However, as the number of software options increases, it has made it difficult to find the right one that fulfills all the needs of a contractor. Here are some of the Construction Management Software Features that professionals should look for.

Real-time Reporting

Choose a construction management software that offers control of overall project data, produce project analytics reports. These reports can fasten decision making due to the summarized data. The software should produce real-time and accurate data for all vital personnel.This can help managers evaluate project statuses and identify the high-risk areas, under-performing, and falling behind schedule. The data produced must be easy to understand for all team members.

Workload automation

Any good construction management software should be able to properly schedule tasks in the right manner. It should be able to allocate skilled workers over multiple projects and balance workload in different projects. It should be able to quickly re-balance this workload in response to unforeseeable delays. Buildxact construction management software should also be able to layout a project timeline and foretell critical inter-dependencies of labor and equipment. The software should create reminders for all staff, and adjust the schedule as a project progresses.

Ability to Monitor the Costs of a Construction Project 

The expenditures construction project must be closely monitored. Construction Management Software should integrate and exchange accounting data with other business accounting software. The software should assist project managers to simultaneously oversee anywhere from a small number of projects to hundreds of projects. The program also needs to automate functions with the flexibility to adjust depending on the client and job.

Project Management

The software should be able to save supervisors from the hustles of attending to every detail in any construction project delivery lifecycle. It should be able to assist the management team in tracking project progress, planning resources, gather teams for collaboration and integrating new incoming client requests. This feature enables the software to re-schedule timelines due to changing project deadlines and tracking any issues. Good project management software therefore should automate resources management across multiple projects, develop up-to-date project schedules, and ensure the profitability of the project.

Proper Service Management and Job Costing

Choose a construction management software that can manage and dispatch work orders, allocate assets and construction equipment, manage contractors, and effectively administer manpower. A good construction management software should offer dispatch with GPS technology, to send out jobs to the nearest technician, and this can improve technician productivity. It should be a good tracker of time expenses, manage project timelines, and produce actionable data to increase productivity and create invoices. A reputable Buildxact construction management software should set standard rates for the different types of construction services your company should define the cost for each construction staff like a contractor, production manager, and supervisor.