As states lift their lockdown restrictions due to the pandemic, businesses still have to be vigilant to keep the coronavirus and other pathogens, such as the flu, under control. Things may never be the same as it was before COVID-19, but you can take steps to return to your former success. While you’ll need to make sure that your business is following all local, state and federal guidelines for reopening, here are some things to consider when reopening your business.

Keep Employees Safe

Before you can bring customers into your business, you’ll need a plan to get employees back in the office. Your employees want to feel safe when returning to work. Implement cleaning and disinfecting protocols that help employees navigate high-touch areas, such as break rooms or bathrooms. You’ll want to get personal protective equipment for employees and customers. Have a plan for wellness checks for employees. You don’t want employees feeling as if they need to come in to work if they’re under the weather.

Keep Customers Safe

Keeping employees safe is the first step to keeping customers safe. If you have a high volume of customers, you’ll need to have a plan to make your business safe for customers, too. You may want to rearrange your traffic flow through your business. Many grocery stores set up one-way only aisles. Restaurants removed tables to allow for more space. You’ll need to look at how to implement social distancing in your business. Make sure to have extra PPE for customers. A Clover Station POS can reduce contact in payments to reduce the risk of transmitting viruses.

Rethink Your Business Model

The COVID-19 pandemic may be ending, but the last year has shown every business that they need to think long-term. You are going to have to really think about how your business will move forward and what you can do to pivot if and when another crisis occurs. How will the changes you made during the pandemic serve your business in the future and which ones don’t? You may want to research what others are doing in your industry, such as investing in an automotive POS system that reduces the points of contact between employees and customers.

Invest in New Services

As businesses reopen, you can’t stop investing in innovative services and products. It may take many months before consumers return to their normal habits pre-COVID-19. You may want to continue offering pickup or delivery services that give you more income and provide safe services. A Clover Flex terminal promotes contactless payments and can help everyone stay safe.

Communicate With Stakeholders

As you reopen your business, you’ll need to communicate with customers and employees. Share information about your new services and products via social media, newsletters and email. Remind customers about your protocols for cleaning and disinfecting so they feel comfortable coming into your business.

Change Is Inevitable

The pandemic made many businesses pivot, but even without the pandemic, your business should always be looking at changes that can help you adapt to new customer behaviors and needs. Find merchant solutions for the modern shopper to take payments through new avenues and give customers more options for your business.