Internet and entertainment being an integral part of our normal course of action, we disburse maximum on these services. To make these services more pocket-friendly and appealing, Spectrum brings a wide range of internet plans, cable TV, landline and mobile services. Spectrum is a trading name of Charter Communication; now, it is well known for its exceptional internet providers across the United States. It offers cable internet across 44 states with a significant reach in all major cities. Apart from the internet, it is encapsulating the market through its complementary services. It is also a common preference while choosing TV cable services, as it offers premium channels like no other service provider in the market. It offers three packages to choose from Spectrum select package, Spectrum silver package and Spectrum Gold package. 

Why Spectrum only?

The features that give Spectrum an edge over others are:

  • Offer tv connection for less than $50 per month with all premium channels cheapest among the top players.
  • No contract means hustle free business; you don’t have to worry about the mid-contract price hikes and early termination fees.
  • Spectrum contract buyout option offers that pay the early termination fees up to $500 of your previous service provider for the eligible customers.
  • The low equipment charges make it more affordable.
  • Spectrum TV app offers you remote access to your favourite shows and movies on the go.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee. 

There are a few downsides also in which Spectrum have to work upon:

  • Climb in cost following a year; it might go somewhere in the range of $10 to $35 by your arrangement. 
  • Normal consumer loyalty is an issue too normal in the telecom business plans to choose from in particular services if you are not going for bundles.
  • Lack lustre DVR situation with limited storage capacity.

What plans does Spectrum Offer?

Spectrum broadly divided the services and prices into Select, Silver and Gold plans to make selecting the right option in your budget convenient. Apart from this, it further divided these services into a bundle with specific tags such as:

ª Spectrum TV: Only TV channels 

ª Spectrum Double Play: TV channels plus internet

ª Spectrum Triple Play: TV channels plus internet plus Voice

Various add-on plans are also available in addition to this plan for your unique requirements.

Which plan is best for me?

Although there are many options to choose from, the most affordable and excellent value for money package is the Spectrum silver package in all three combinations.  

51% of the population in the US falls in the middle-class range. The silver package is undoubtedly the best preference for your telecom requirements.

Spectrum TV silver: It offers 175+ channels for $74.99 for 12 months, including most premium channels. Suppose you don’t watch the whole chunk and prefer quality over quantity that this is for you only. It includes HBO, HBO Max and SHOWTIME, Nick Jr. NFL and many more. You also get access to HBO max app.

Spectrum Double Play Silver: Along with 175+ channels with an internet speed of 200 Mbps for $119.98. There is no cap on the data limit, and you can save up to $5 per month.

Spectrum Triple Play Silver: This plan comes with Voice with unlimited nationwide calling bundled with internet (200mbps) and TV (175+ channel) with a price of $132.97 and includes all the perks as mentioned above.


Spectrum Internet is reliable, but it is not the best option if you are looking for cheap internet and it offers only three internet speeds. Spectrum tv’s slightly expensive plans (silver and gold) offers premium but fewer channels and have a pretty high cost per channel; well, it’s ok if you watch quality content. Spectrum voice is concerned. It is a great deal with 28 features in a bundled plan that cost you $12.99/month only.

All these aspects are taken care of in the Spectrum silver packages regarding services and pricing to offer you the maximum out of it. In short, these packages are one of the best options if you are looking for some reliable internet options.