Your business relies on data to inform daily decisions, propel marketing efforts, and forge meaningful connections with clients. In order to optimize these processes, though, you need to ensure that the data you’re using is high quality. High-quality data is information that is detailed, vetted, and confirmed to be accurate. That’s why so many companies have invested in batch address verification services to boost the quality of their data and get better results. What makes address verification so important, though — and how can it help your company succeed? Find out how batch verification can be your secret superpower in the quest to connect with your customers.

Improve Campaign Results

When you’re launching an outreach campaign, you need to be sure that your efforts will reach the intended recipients. Your list of leads is useless if it’s filled with inaccurate and outdated data. Pruning your data manually is a massive undertaking, though, and it may not even produce reliable results. The best option, by far, is a program like BatchData that allows you to automatically verify a list of addresses and ensure that you have up-to-date contact information for all of your clients.

A tool like this is absolutely vital if your business utilizes multiple mailing campaigns or even cold call marketing. A mailing campaign requires revenue spent to print materials, postage spent to mail them, and hours spent sending them. Imagine spending all of this money only to see a fraction of your mailers reach prospective clients. A batch address verification tool can combat this problem and ensure that your efforts achieve a high delivery ratio. This, in turn, can help you see a greater return on your investment and conversion of leads.

Valuable Data

What is USPS address standardization, and how can it help you reach more prospective clients? USPS address standardization is one of the most effective ways to improve the quality of your data. Chances are, your data contains addresses that are formatted in various ways, and this inconsistency can make it harder to get the mail to the recipient in question. In order to facilitate delivery, an address should feature the fully spelled out name of the recipient as well as standard state and street abbreviations. The zip code should be standardized, too, with the appropriate +4 digits at the end. Standardizing all of the addresses in your database would be impossible, but a designated tool can automate the process.

Verifying addresses and standardizing their formatting offers a huge boost to the overall quality and usability of your company’s data. Don’t let valuable information go to waste by neglecting to update and verify it — and don’t waste costly billing hours delegating the task to a team member for manual completion. There’s a better solution available for making the most of your data and seeing better results from your customer outreach efforts.

Outsource your data management to an automated program that can eliminate unnecessary entries and ensure that you have the highest quality information possible.