If you want to get people’s attention, just tell them that you have exclusive information on the best sweepstakes in town. After all, who wouldn’t want to win a big jackpot? If they can get “exclusive” information, that is even better, right? Well, an organization called the Sweepstakes Audit Bureau did just that. For anyone who sends them $5, they will enter that person in all of the best sweepstakes that are happening right now. However, the truth is that the information that they have is not really exclusive. The best sweepstakes can be found on winbigmoney.com, and you do not have to pay $5 to enter those yourself.

You Don’t Need The Report

The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau does not have any information that is exclusive. All of the best sweepstakes can be found on Win Big Money, a reputable gaming provider, and you don’t have to pay extra for that information. Save your money and put that into your Win Big Money account instead and play your favorite games.

How Does One Get Started On Win Big Money?

Creating an account on winbigmoney.com is very easy. Just go to their sign-up page where they provide a phone number. Text a copy of your government-issued ID for identity verification purposes. Provide your phone number and email as well. In no time at all, they will create an account for you. Once created, you will get information on how to log in and play your favorite games. Win Big Money has different game engines, and each one has its own set of login procedures. Just select the group with the games that you like most, and you will get instructions for those. You can enter the best sweepstakes that have the highest payouts, probably the same ones that the Sweepstakes Audit Bureau was going to enter for you for $5. 

Advantages of Win Big Money

A big advantage with playing games at winbigmoney.com is that you are often rewarded with free play credits. You are not obligated to purchase anything. You can get 100 free sweepstakes entries everyday by just asking for them and just play with those free credits if you want. So, it doesn’t make sense to pay $5 to the Sweepstakes Audit Bureau for free entries. You can enter sweepstakes for free the next day.

Another benefit is their referral program. If you refer someone to create an account at winbigmoney.com, you will get rewarded. After your friend put funds into his account within 48 hours, Win Big Money will deposit 500 free play credits into your account and 500 into your friend’s account. Both of you win! Just make sure that your friend gives them your name as the referrer during the registration. Those free credits can be used on anything you like. Play slots, sweepstakes, games of skill, etc. You get 500 credits for every person you refer, so spread the word! The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau will not have anything like that for you.

If that is not enough, Win Big Money offers other ways to reward their members. On their Facebook page, they often run promotions. Members who follow them will be given a chance to claim free credits through these promotions. The promotions often have short time limits, so you have to claim your credits quickly before they expire. These credits give you more opportunities to win. The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau has nothing like that for $5!

You Get The Best Games Right In Your Hands

The app from Win Big Money turns your phone or mobile device into a gaming center. Just login and you will have access to all the great games. Don’t bother with the clumsy list from the Sweepstakes Audit Bureau. You can conveniently get to your favorite game with just a few clicks. You can play anywhere as long as you have a strong internet connection. Play while you are waiting in line at the supermarket. Play when you can’t fall asleep at night. You can log on anytime.

Since the Sweepstakes Audit Bureau targets people who do online gaming, do your gaming friends a favor and warn them not to waste their $5 on Sweepstakes Audit Bureau. Tell them all the good things about Win Big Money and encourage them to give it a try. Don’t forget to ask them to provide your name as the referrer so each of you will get 500 free play credits when your friend signs up. Who can pass up on a sweet deal like that!

The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau will continue to push their $5 newsletter to the online gaming community, so watch out for that and don’t fall for it. You get better rewards and lots of freebies at winbigmoney.com. They have a great reputation as a leading online gaming provider. Who knows? With all the free sweepstakes entries that you get, one of them can turn you into a big winner!