Being an expectant or new mother is overwhelming. There is also the pressure to get all of the best products to make parenting easier. The good news is that seasoned moms have discovered that it is not necessary to get all the expensive and fancy baby gear and gadgets that are out there. The most important things to have are supplements to keep your baby healthy and comfortable, such as wellements constipation support , and to have the products on hand that make your job easier and your baby safe.

Diapers and Wipes

Obviously, diapers are important and a must-have. However, not all diapers and wipes are made the same. Many of the brands you find on the shelves contain chemicals that are harmful to your baby. When choosing diapers and wipes, look for organic brands that contain natural ingredients. You may also prefer to have cloth diapers, and if this is the case, make sure you are washing them in natural detergent.

Burp Cloths

Caring for a baby is messy, whether you are dealing with spit up or runny food. Purchasing a stack of burp cloths made with organic materials is a life (and shirt) saver. Keep them in multiple areas of the house for convenient use.


Even if your baby currently sleeps in a basinet by the bed or in your bed, eventually you will be moving him or her to a crib. Many of the baby mattresses available contain chemicals that are flammable and not good for your baby’s health. Instead, choose an organic one for a healthy night of sleep.

Hair and Skin Products

Skin is the largest organ in the body, and whatever you put on it will affect other areas of the body. Make sure the shampoo, lotion, and other skin products are made with organically sourced natural ingredients. These also keep the skin hydrated, as many of the non-organic brands contain ingredients that prevent moisture from getting in.


Once your baby’s teeth begin to come in, you will realize the necessity of having a number of teethers around. Because they will be spending most of the time in your baby’s mouth, make sure to choose organic ones. There is also teething oil wellements that can help ease the pain and discomfort when it is really bad and your baby is fussy.

Immune Support

Prevention is the best medicine, and providing your baby with proper nutrition is often enough. However, during cold and flu season, it helps to have an infant-friendly immune supplement on hand to give your baby’s immune system a boost and prevent the need for harmful medication.

Digestive Aids

The digestive system of babies is often not fully functioning, and it is common for there to be an imbalance of bacteria, resulting in gas, bloating, and constipation. Having an organic digestive aid, such as wellements gripe water, that also contains probiotics, helps to balance the gut and relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

Prep for Parenting

Along with the essential car seat and a good stroller that makes it easy to get around, buying organic products is good for your baby’s health and your well-being. It also means you do not need to buy as many things.