Many students find it difficult to write an extended essay. An extended essay is a type research paper in which you must provide an extensive analysis of the topic. An extended essay follows the same structure as any other essay. An extended essay has all parts of a regular one such as an introduction, body, and conclusion. The extended essay writing service has prepared useful tips to help you write it in the best way possible.

Extended Essays

Let’s first define an extended essay. An extended essay is a longer than 4,000 word piece. This is a thesis you must write under the supervision of your advisor. It’s an integral part of an IB Diploma. A successful essay can earn you more points towards a diploma.

We recommend that you choose a topic that interests you. You can brainstorm, come up with many ideas and then choose the best.

Experts recommend that you choose the most intriguing topic. This will give you enough room to explore your ideas. Be specific. It is important to narrow your topic so it makes sense. Although an extended essay is more flexible than regular essays in that you can write more, it must still be unique and specific.

You have many options for extended essays. It is a good idea to come up with a question that is related to your topic and topic.

Locate an Advisor

An advisor can help you write long essays correctly. It is important to find someone who is knowledgeable in the topic you are writing about. You don’t necessarily need to have a history teacher as your advisor if you are writing a paper about Math.

Although advisors are not necessary, they can be very helpful. It will be difficult to write a great IB extended essay if your knowledge is not up-to-date. An advisor can help you choose the best sources. Don’t rush to finish your essay. Prepare and begin writing in advance.

How to write an extended essay

Extended essays follow the same format as academic papers. To organize your thoughts and understand the purpose of your essay, we recommend you create an outline.

An essay must have an introduction, body and conclusion. Your introduction should engage readers and give a thesis statement. The body should contain several paragraphs that address different aspects of the topic. The conclusion should sum up the key points and reiterate the thesis.

Annotated Bibliography

This section requires that you analyze all sources and make a list of the quotes you have used. This section should be written in the essay. We suggest adding new sources for every quote.

Title Page

You must ensure that every part of your extended essay is perfect. The title page should not be considered a cover for your paper. It should contain important information.

Make sure your paper conforms to the IB extended essay format. Your IB number and name must all be included on the title page.

How to write an introduction and body

A thesis statement is required for an introduction. It also must clarify the research question. You must be persuasive when presenting your topic to the readers in order to get high grades.

Be sure to explain why you are interested in the topic. It is important to have a reason for researching it. Your essay will not succeed if the topic isn’t worthwhile to study. Don’t use transitional words and be clear about the topic.

The body of your essay should be more detailed and include evidence to support your claims. For this section, we recommend a three-paragraph format with one argument per paragraph.


Your conclusion is crucial for the development and presentation of your argument. You should not present any additional information in this section. This section is your final chance to impress your readers. Your thesis statement should be reaffirmed, but not repeated word-for-word. Your understanding of the topic should be demonstrated.

Extended Essay Format

  • Don’t forget to tell your readers why you chose this topic when writing your thesis statement.
  • It should be clear and specific. Focus your research question.
  • As many sources as possible. To get a complete picture, you can use secondary, primary, and tertiary resources.
  • You must ensure that you fully understand the topic.
  • In the Annotated bibliography section, list all sources used.
  • You must ensure that the logic flows smoothly so that readers understand the connections between arguments.
  • Before you include them in your essay, make sure to analyze all facts. Your paper should be informative and well-structured.
  • Remember that the conclusion is crucial. Your conclusion should not be a summary of your thesis. Instead, give your readers something to reflect on.
  • Avoid using too many passive structures. Write concisely.
  • Edit your essays and proofread them. Students who forget to proofread their essays often get poor grades because of grammar errors. Misspelled words or commas can ruin even the most polished essays. Use grammar checkers to ensure a flawless essay. You can also order professional proofreading services on our website.

Additional Tips from Professionals

Writing extended essays is not an easy task. Experts can help you simplify the writing process. You should pick a topic that you are passionate about, but also make sure your essay isn’t too emotional. Remember that the word limit is only 4,000 words. You can write a longer essay, then condense it to a shorter 4,00-word version. You may find essays that are 2,000 words long.

Write as soon as possible. Writing extended essays can take time so don’t rush. If you are unable to write an essay by yourself, feel free to order it from one of the best cheap essay writing services in USA.