Well, when it comes to phenomenal acting, there is no competition with Robbin Williams. While other actors have their own special attributes, Robbin Williams has made his mark in the entertainment industry all around the world. He has done some great work in movies that are comedies but have heartfelt scenes as well.

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Aladdin 1992

The story of Aladdin revolves around an adorable street urchin named Aladdin. Aladdin meets the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, Princess Jasmine. While Aladdin is at Jasmine’s palace visiting her, he stumbles upon an oil lamp, from which a hugely powerful and wisecracking genie emerges. 

Robbin Williams plays the genie’s voice, and he works in a way that allows Aladdin to make three wishes, well while Aladdin wastes two of his wishes, he wants to use the last one wisely. The two eventually become friends and embark on a mission to stop the evil sorcerer Jafar from ousting Jasmine and taking her kingdom. 

Dead Poets Society 

In the film Dead Poets Society, John Keating (Robbin Williams) is a new English teacher appointed in the all-boys preparatory school that is famous for its strict ancient traditions and standards. Professor Keating uses unorthodox methods to teach his students to break the ice as all of them are under pressure from their parents and the school. 

Well, with his help, Keating’s students Neil Perry (Robert Sean Leonard), Todd Anderson (Ethan Hawke), and others learn to break out of their shells, carpe diem (seize the day), and pursue what they really want. As the kids learn to live at their own beat, things don’t remain as easy for them. 


When Judy Shepherd (Kristen Dunst) and her brother Peter (Bradley Pierce) shift to a new place with their aunt, they find a board game called Jumanji in the attic of their house while following a weird sound coming from up there. When the two start playing the jungle-themed game, they bring back Alan Parish (Robbin Williams), a player who had been stuck in the game’s inner world for decades. 

When Alan is back, he wants the kids to keep playing so they could get free of the game’s world. The only thing they need to finish the game is its 4th player, Alan’s childhood loves Sarah Whittle (Bonnie Hunt). When they see her again, she is reluctant to play because of what happened decades ago, but she eventually agrees. Well, as they start to play, finishing is not as easy as it seems. 

Good Will Hunting 

In the film Good Will Hunting, Will Hunting (Matt Damon) is a janitor at MIT who has a genius-level IQ. Will solves a graduate-level math question randomly one day, and Professor Gerald Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard) takes that into notice and wants Will to utilize his potential since he is a genius. 

Well, due to Will’s issues with behavior, he gets arrested for attacking a police officer. Professor Lambeau promises to get him some leniency if Will promises to see a therapist Sean Maguire (Robin Williams). 


Jack is a drama/comedy film where Karen Powell (Diane Lane) goes through an unusually short pregnancy and gives birth to her baby boy who has a condition where his body ages faster than his brain. Karen raises her son Jack (Robbin Williams) along with her husband Brian (Brian Kerwin). 

Jack appears to be a 40-year-old man while he is actually only 10 years old. Although Jack looks big because of his physical appearance, he is emotionally and mentally just a young boy. Being unusual comes with several difficulties for Jack and his family, but with the help and support from his parents, he tries to live a fuller life.

What Dreams May Come

Chris Nielsen (Robin Williams) is led through the afterlife by his spirit guide, Albert (Cuba Gooding Jr) after he dies in a car accident. His brand-new environment is lovely and open to Chris’s imagination. Even his kids are present. However, Chris disobeys Albert’s advice and travels to hell to save his wife Annie (Annabella Sciorra), who had committed suicide and was now there. Chris arrives and discovers that saving Annie will be more challenging than he had anticipated.

World’s Greatest Dad

World’s Greatest Dad is a comedy/drama film where Lance Clayton (Robin Williams) a high school English teacher’s son accidentally kills himself. When his son dies, Clayton writes a fake suicide note from his son, to avoid a scandal. While the school seems uninterested in death initially, everyone is taken by the iconic death note, which is then published in the school paper. 

After the fame he gets from the letter, Lance starts writing a diary, and he eventually gets the attention he has always wanted. However, after all, that goes on, keeping calm might not be that easy.  

The World According to Garp

During World War II, Jenny Fields (Glenn Close), a nurse, has a child with a dying pilot and raises T.S. Garp (Robin Williams) alone. When Garp is an adult, he writes some successful fiction, but not quite as much as his mother does with nonfiction with a feminist theme. 

She opens a center for troubled women since she is wealthy and well-known, and while Garp marries and has children, he continues to be a persistent, if occasionally critical, spectator of the peculiar community that emerges around Jenny.

Final Thoughts

Well, even if some of these films are comic, the heartfelt aspect that Robbin Williams added to his characters is beautiful. While the storyline is mostly the writer’s job, Robbin Williams added life to things that were just stories, which is why we love his work.