Boxing is one of the popular combat sports in the world. However, many allegations surround this sport. Some vary from fixed fights to foul play. There has been controversy in boxing from the beginning. 

We have also seen loudmouths in press conferences who got beaten in the ring after trash talking. Most amateur fighters are from the hood, and most have grown in violent environs. This article will discuss some of the notorious boxers of all time. 

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  1. Ike Ibeabuchi

Ike Ibeabuchi came from Lagos, Nigeria, and was one of the notorious boxers in history. He was renowned in the 80s for his fight against Chris Byrd. He also faced Tua David in this period. Before this fight, Ibe had a record of thirty wins, twenty-five coming by knockout. 

However, he was known for his harmful acts outside the ring. He got involved in an accident after kidnapping his son from his ex-wife. This plan ended up in an accident that left the boy with severe injuries. 

He also interrupted a function hosted by Kushner Cedric and threatened people. Ibe uttered obscene words during that invasion. One of his most heinous acts was when he physically assaulted a woman who asked him to pay for her services. This offense led to his detention until October 2015. 

Ibe was arrested one year later for going against probation rules. He is forty-five years today and still does not shy away from controversy. 

  1. Tony Ayala

Tony Ayala Junior began as a boxing prodigy. He was the son of a renowned trainer called Tony Ayala Senior. Ayala Snr trained his sons up to boxing greats. Ayala Junior made a name for himself in the middleweight division. He thrashed most of his opponents. 

One of his best fights came against Herrera Carlos. However, Ayala had many problems outside the ring. It was proven that he used cocaine thrice before a fight. He also physically assaulted two women before his major downfall.

Ayala sexually assaulted a nurse after breaking into her house in 1984. This act led to an imprisonment of fifty years. However, he was released in 1998 after nineteen years. This occurred after a presidential pardon. 

He went back to fighting and lost his first two fights. It was after his loss in 2004 that he chose to hang his boots. Ayala was a gifted fighter who would overpower most of his opponents. However, he ruined his entire career by being reckless. 

  1. James Scott 

Most boxers started their boxing careers before they were sent to prison. However, that was not the case for James Scott. Scott began his career while in prison. He came from New York and was serving at a famous prison.

It was during this period that his friends introduced him to boxing. Scott was an outstanding boxer. He remains one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in history. He had twelve wins in thirteen fights. He also defeated the best heavyweight at that time.

Scott was eliminated from WBA rankings due to a fear of his reputation destroying the sport’s name. Prisoners would also get into his cell to fight him, and this caused significant concern. He was released in 2006 after serving a thirty-year term.

  1. Harry Simon 

Harry Simon was born in Namibia. He established his name after participating in the 1990 Olympics. Even though he lost the match to Acevedo, he relocated to South Africa and restarted his career. Simon went ahead to win the WBO title in 2001. 

The dark cloud came in 2002 at the peak of his reign. Simon was involved in a terrific accident that took away the lives of a Spanish couple and their child. He was charged with homicide and sentenced to three years in prison. 

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Simon was stripped of the title since he could not defend it from prison. He was released in 2010 and still has the record for the longest winning streak in boxing. 

  1. Mike Tyson

There is no doubt that Mike Tyson would top the list of the most notorious boxers of all time. He had an excellent record on the ring but a different case outside. Mike has a super punch that would drop most of his opponents in the first round. 

However, Mike was known to unleash his behavior before the press. He was also disrespectful to the boxing federation and his opponents. He is one of the few boxers who came clean about their marijuana addiction. 

He once stated that he wanted to eat Lennox Lewis’ children alive. These are statements that made people question his professionalism. One of his most popular controversies came in 1998 when he bit Lewis’ ears.

Final Thoughts

Boxing, like other sports, needs one to stay disciplined to remain at the top. The above fighters are known for being notorious in their reign.