Do you love listening to songs? If yes, then, you must be looking for some amazing music downloader to download your favorite tracks. And if you have not found a great site (like MP3 Monkey) to download music, then your search is going to end today as we provide you with a list of top eleven sites that are going to solve your problem forever.

If you are a music lover, then you might know how difficult it becomes at times to download music. There are various music sites available on the internet but choosing one good site is quite a cumbersome task. Most of the music sites just offer advertisements and waste your time as well as your internet data. But you do not have to bear all this anymore as you are going to know about the best music sites on this page.

Using these top music sites, you can access and download music for free online. Let’s get started to know about the best music site of our times!

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Part 1: Top 11 free mp3 downloader

2. LoudTronix
4. eMP3
5. BeeMp3
7. My Free Mp3
8. Epitonic
9. mp3skull
10. mp3box
11. Mp3 Monkey

Part 2: Best MP3 Monkey Alternative – iMusic

Unique characteristics of iMusic’s best mp3 downloader:
Steps to download music via iMusic:

Part 1: Top 11 free mp3 downloader

The list of top free mp3 downloader starts now!


Using MP3Juices, you can not only download mp3 music but can also play these files online. You have to just search for your favorite track in the search column and voila! It also provides a detailed guide on how to use it, if you are still confused. Check it out here!



  • It converts YouTube videos to other formats such as mp3.
  • It enables you with saving files on Cloud.


  • It comes with advertisements.

And here you will try top Einthusan video downloader and the best iPhone MP3 Downloader in 2020.

2. LoudTronix

You can download any music file from this website. It offers an option for downloading YouTube files by copying and pasting the URL of the same. You can download a complete playlist of 100 top songs and even create your own playlist on this site. It provides a detailed guide on how to use it. Look here!



  • It has a user-friendly GUI.
  • It converts music videos to mp3 format.


  • It processes the search item a little slow.
  • In order to create a playlist, you have to create an account.


It is one of the best music downloaders that allows you to play and download music files for free. It provides you with a list of top recent songs, and you can even search for your track in the space provided for search items.



  • It allows you to download files in formats like mp3, mp4, or 3gp.
  • It offers a wide range of genres.


  • It comes with ad pop-ups while using it on mobile phones.

4. eMP3

It is another free mp3 downloader that helps you to download mp3 files in an effective way. It offers a wide range of the latest Bollywood songs. And it is easier to download mp3 files from this site as it is well-ordered.



  • It works at a fast pace.
  • It offers categories of songs like US Top Music, Bollywood albums, etc.


  • This site does not download YouTube videos via copy-paste URL.

5. BeeMp3

This music site is one of the most popular mp3 downloaders that enables you to search for songs as well as various artists. It offers different lists for top twenty songs and top twenty artists.



  • It provides the size of music files.
  • It even provides details like duration, bitrate, etc.


  • It comes with advertisements while downloading.


This site is also great for downloading music files on any mobile phone. You can search for songs and artists. This music site is very simple in terms of interface.



  • This music site is easy to handle by all.
  • It offers worldwide popular tracks.


  • You cannot play music files on this site.

7. My Free Mp3

It is also a free mp3 downloader, which offers a wide collection of songs. You can search for your favorite artists or songs on this site. It comprises the latest music files of each and every genre.

My Free Mp3


  • It offers details like bitrate of mp3 files.


  • The search engine is a bit slow of this site.

8. Epitonic

It provides you with legal music files that you can download. You can browse music files as per their labels, artists, or genres on this music website for free.



  • It streams music very well.


  • It generally comprises music from upcoming artists.

9. mp3skull

It is one of the most popular mp3 downloaders that allows you to download all the latest songs. And it offers a preview and allows downloading from Cloud. It has a really good search engine that works within a few seconds in order to find the searched file.



  • It offers an integrated music library.
  • It comes with its own music player.


  • It does not allow transferring of music files.

10. mp3box

This free music website enables you to stream music online, which you can play and even download to your device. Here, songs are placed as per their genres, artists, and popularity as well.



  • It offers a lot of variety in terms of songs.
  • It is well ordered.


  • In order to download files, you have to download their client setup for free.

11. Mp3 Monkey

Mp3 monkey is the last but definitely not the least. Mp3 monkey is one of the best music downloaders in our top eleven’s list. It offers a wide range of music collection that you can play and download for free from their site. Using mp3 monkey site, you can download music files directly on your computer.

mp3 monkey


  • It works on both Android and iPhone devices.
  • It downloads mp3 files very fast.
  • Offer best results for the searched item.


  • There are no cons regarding mp3 monkey.

Part 2: Best MP3 Monkey Alternative – iMusic

If you want to have a great experience, then you should always go with the best MP3Monkey alternative. Here, we are presenting the best mp3 downloader for you. This software works for Mac and Windows PC, which allows you to download files to your computer effortlessly. Look out for its special features that prove its worth!

Unique characteristics of iMusic’s best mp3 downloader:

  • It downloads music files from Dailymotion, Youtube, Vevo, Pandora, MP3Juice music, Deezer Music and 3000+ more.
  • This Loudtronix free mp3 downloader offers a feature for you to record files of high quality where it inserts ID3 tags automatically.
  • Manage and transfer music files from iOS or Android devices to iTunes.
  • It cleans and repairs iTunes against broken or dead songs.
  • It helps you to create a car playlist by moving songs from iTunes to USB.

Download iMusic  

Steps to download music via iMusic:

Step 1: Open iMusic

Firstly, you have to open the software on your computer and then, click on the option “Get Music”.

MP3 Monkey alternative - iMusic

Step 2: Download songs

You can download songs from the inbuilt collection by clicking on “Discover” and then on the option of downloading it. If you want to download music files from other sites, then use the copy-paste process. For this, you have to copy the URL of the file that you want to download and paste the same in the search column of the software. Choose the format of the file as “mp3” and follow the button “Download”.

So, you can use iMusic to download music from other websites within a span of a few minutes. It is the best alternative to the MP3 Monkey downloader if you are looking for a perfect solution for downloading mp3 files. Download the app NOW to get a better experience!