Whether you are promoting your band, your business, or your barbecue, creative flyer design is essential to attracting the folks you want.

However, finding a unique style to fit your flyer can be a challenge. Here are eleven head-turning flyer designs for your project. 

Creative Flyer Design Breakdown 

There are 3 main categories one can put fresh flyer designs into. You have the original, eyecatching, and hitmaking flyer design types. Your target audience dictates which category you are looking at using for your flyer. 

The Originals 

These are your fresh takes on tried and true designs. These are utilized by successful businesses the world over in global and local marketing materials. If you are looking at drawing in the over-50 crowds, these designs are your best bet.

Most templates with these kinds of designs can also be found searching for flyer templates free online.

1. The Classic 

When you are looking at a professional flyer, this is the first image your mind conjures.  The formula here is three colors, Helvetica and Arial fonts, and a very linear layout. Consider this your business-oriented standby design.

2. The Contemporary 

For more formal gatherings, lean on the Contemporary. This is a white background with ornate floral or scroll motifs, accompanied by a script-style font. This format exudes elegance and class. 

3. The Cool Kid 

Businesses seeking a chill vibe often utilize the Cool Kid style. Create a geometric background out of cool colors and keep the information minimal. This style is perfect for announcing your next business venture. 

4. The Quiet type 

Sometimes less really is more. Embrace the quiet side with one descriptive image and the absolute minimum of information. Place it on a cool tone background and see heads turn. 

Eyecatching and Clean 

If you’re looking at enticing in a more Millennial crowd, consider these bold and brash designs. These walk the line between enticing and avant-garde—which is perfect for grabbing the attention of your 30-something audience. 

5. The Socialite

This flyer is going places. Jewel tones and golden fonts pair well to create a vibrant appeal. Add in some instagramable imagery to complete the style. 

6. The Poster 

For an attention grab that seems both bold and familiar, the new wave poster style is for you. Orange and blue are your colors of choice, with a descriptive image as your flyer’s core. Keep the Font bold and the information minimal. 

7. The Ultra Modern. 

This is the epitome of understated elegance. Think Kanye West meats Anthropology. Pair thin and sleek fonts with a plethora of neutral tones to achieve this ascendant style. 


These designs demand attention and will get it. Irony and forceful statements are the best way to attract a Gen Z audience. There are no limits here. 

8. The Eclectic 

Some contrast is eyecatching. Too much contrast is distracting. With clashing patterns and bold colors cut through with bold white font, the eclectic flyer is more than that—it’s breathtaking.  

9. The Throwback 

Irony is the new intentional. Take your comic sans and papyrus fonts and add the clip art and playful colors that are now taboo to steal the attention of your audience from something more refined. Recreate the flyers of your youth with the knowledge that it is bad on purpose. 

10. The Futurist 

This flyer design has a sci-fi edge. Utilize a grayscale color scheme and accentuate with one color of your choice. Fonts like Roboto or Futura are at home with this style of flyer. 

11. Monochrome

Finally, we have the most challenging flyer style to pull off. Using only one color with little variation of shade, a monochromatic flyer is stunning when done well. Nothing says put together like a matching look. 

In Summary

Keep these creative flyer designs on hand when you are building your next project. If you know your project and your audience, the flyer art is sure to flow.

And for more business ideas, just keep reading our blogs!