Online donations accounted for a record 13% of fundraising in 2020, according to the Blackbaud Institute’s Charitable Giving Report. It is now more important for nonprofit organizations to keep track of donor information associated with online gifts than ever before. Find out how nonprofit management software can facilitate a Blackbaud Salesforce integration or connect other donation processing and constituent relationship management platforms.

Why You Need Automation

Automation is the best way to ensure that online gifts are accurately and reliably reported from fundraising platforms into the CRM database of a nonprofit. Some platforms have limited internal support for automated functions, but an organization can implement cross-platform automation solutions by using fundraising tracking software for cloud-based data management.

When data imports and exports are set up to take place automatically, the accuracy of donor records should increase over time. Seek out an integration solution that supports automation and has utilities to improve data quality. Automating updates of online gift records across platforms also enables staff and volunteers to focus on constituent outreach and other value-added operations while benefiting from access to the best available data.

Use Omatic Cloud Data Manager To Automate Importing

The Omatic Cloud integration platform has an array of utilities to manage basic functions, such as ImportOmatic for fast and reliable data imports. Other tasks such as action management, scoring, segmentation, and queries are most beneficial when applied to current data from every software platform in use.

Automating data importing has particular advantages across workflows. When performed manually, data entry is the point at which errors are most likely to enter into an organization’s database. When properly implemented, automatic imports can also be combined with functions that correct or complete donor records. Any value-added tasks that staff or volunteers take on in place of this repetitive work are more likely to contribute toward reaching fundraising goals, guiding objectives or the mission of an organization.

Automate Individual Gift Entry or Batch Entry

Depending on the platform in use, CRM software may support individual and batch gift entry. Salesforce NPSP gained support for batch entry in early 2019 and allows for up to 10,000 entries to be updated at a time. Other platforms may have unique capabilities or limitations, many of which can be offset by an integration platform that is designed for nonprofits.

Gift entry automation can also have the benefit of increasing accuracy and make it possible to direct stakeholders’ attention toward important tasks that pertain to donor behavior, such as taking actionable measures to convert open gifts into closed gifts. Outreach campaigns can also benefit from having the most up-to-the-minute and complete records of gift amounts along with the frequency of donations and donors’ preferred methods of giving.

Automation increases accuracy and spares nonprofit staff or volunteers from having to manually enter individual gift information or batches of data. The platforms in use at an organization will determine the ease of connection out of the box, but most integrations can benefit from automating the transfer of donor information with management software that is purpose-built for nonprofit applications.

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