Are you planning to collect the rarest sneakers?

Collecting is a popular hobby many people indulge in for their satisfaction. It offers a sense of satisfaction and completion as they get all of them. However, a collecting hobby you can enter without a lot of initial investment is sneakers.

Sneakers are an easy item to acquire since you can buy them from any shoe shop. They have many various complex designs and simple functions. The only problem with collecting these items is when looking for rare sneakers.

In this guide, we’ll list some of the rarest sneakers to add to your collection. Read on and learn where to start your journey toward becoming a collector today:

Dior X Air Jordan 1 High

The Dior X Air Jordan 1 High is one of the rarest sneakers around. Its creation was due to the collaboration of the head of LVMH and Jordan Brand. They later showed these rare sneakers at the Dior pre-FW20 show

The sneakers got a rework, using Parisian craftsmanship to make the shoes’ materials. It follows a simple design, with white and pale grey premium leather holding its iconic monogram.

Before long, this ultimate streetwear easily reached the rarity of leading boards.

Nike Foamposite One

For vintage sneakers, the 1997 Nike Foamposite One is your best choice. Also known as “Sole Collector,” these shoes come with a unique design of dented strips on the sides. The shoe captivated a lot of ballplayers, causing it to sell out fast.

Despite this fact, manufacturers are still producing these sneakers. They now vary in designs, usually following modern trends. However, the older styles are the ones most collectors seek for their sneaker collection.

Vlone X Nike Air Force 1 High

The Vlone Nike Air Force 1 High is one of the most valuable sneakers to look for. It was an experimental design, making it into the predecessor of the low-cut version. 

Only 20 pairs of these sneakers are in the market. After its creation, a Parisian auction sold them off to the highest bidders. If you encounter a pair for sale, think about how it fits your collection. They usually cost thousands of dollars, starting from $8,000 to $50,000.

The best part? These sneakers are likely to increase in value as time passes.

Nike Yeezy 2 Red October

The Nike Yeezy 2 Red October is the most collectible sneaker around. These sneakers’ creation is due to the end of the collaboration between Nike and Kanye West. It has little versatility but they have various colors for your shoe collection.

Collect the Rarest Sneakers Today

We hope this list helps you to get the rarest sneakers. Don’t let a wrong item ruin your collection hobby. Choose to collect sneakers and enjoy the satisfaction of money well spent.

However, collecting sneakers is not the only hobby you can invest in.

Are you planning on doing another hobby? Check out our content and learn the most cost-effective hobbies around.