Have you been following a high-protein diet and working out, but still not seeing the results you want?

Many people in this position have turned to SARMs as a solution. If you’re someone who takes your health and exercise regime seriously, you’ve likely been considering taking SARMs.

But are SARMs safe? Should you start taking them? Keep reading this guide to learn everything you need to know about SARMs and answer all of your burning questions!

What Are SARMs?

SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. These are a new class of drugs, which attach to your body’s androgens. Essentially, these drugs attach to your body’s male hormone receptors.

These drugs are synthetic and are designed to be similar to testosterone. SARMs have anabolic, muscle-building abilities which are similar to steroids.

However, unlike steroids, SARMs target specific types of tissues. They also help build muscle and bone, which combats muscle wastage.

Muscle wastage happens as a result of aging and certain types of diseases. Athletes tend to look to solutions like SARMs to improve strength. These have fewer side effects than steroids, and they help enhance performance.

SARMs are still being researched and tested. They haven’t been approved for use with medical conditions, but they are still available to consumers. These drugs are often marketed to bodybuilders and other athletes as an alternative to steroids.

Are SARMs Safe to Use?

SARMs are not approved by the FDA for consumption, but many SARMs are considered generally safe. There is a lack of medical research to determine the safety and for SARMs to be fully approved.

Since they haven’t been FDA-approved, they’re also not legal in the US for human consumption. However, there are SARMs for sale in other ways, as they are also sold for research methods.

While it’s not approved to sell SARMs as dietary supplements, the ingredients have been found in several other brands of nutritional supplements.

SARMs have also shown promise in providing the muscle-building effects of steroids without the same harmful side effects.

How Do SARMs Work?

SARMs work by activating androgen receptors in your cells. These research chemicals help make your cells grow.

Androgen, which is a male hormone, exists in both men’s and women’s bodies. Anabolic steroids increase the testosterone in your body. However, SARMs will bind only to the androgen receptors on specific tissues, including your muscles and bones.

These nonsteroidal SARMs help your cells to build more muscles and bone. This is why many people look to SARMs for gaining muscle mass as bodybuilders.

This doesn’t eliminate the need to also lift weights and eat in a healthy manner, but SARMs will help your muscles to respond to the stimuli.

SARMs also will bind with androgen receptors and increase testosterone. This also makes facial hair grow, it decreases body fat, and can also deepen your voice.

Scientists have claimed that these drugs can help elderly people dealing with issues like fatigue. It’s also helpful to treat other medical conditions like obesity and can improve bone health.

What Are the Ingredients in SARMs?

The drugs that are used for athletic reasons usually have the ingredients cardarine, ostarine, ligandrol, testolone RAD-140. Supplements that contain SARMs might also have a variety of vitamins and minerals. This helps to boost your health and immune system.

Without regulation from the FDA, it’s possible some SARMs will contain higher concentrations of the ingredients. They also might have lower doses as well.

Many brands list their ingredients on the packaging. This will help you know what type of supplement you’re looking at.

How Do SARMs Compare to Steroids?

SARMs are considered safer than steroids for many reasons. These drugs have far less side effects than steroids as well.

They activate the androgen receptors in certain tissues, rather than raising your overall testosterone levels the way that steroids do. SARMs are less likely to cause harm in the long run as well.

Some types of steroids stimulate muscle growth across the body. They’re also illegal in recreational use and can cause a lot of damage, some of which might become permanent. This includes heart disease, mood disorders, liver issues, and erectile dysfunction.

Since SARMs aren’t as strong as steroids, they’re less likely to cause masculine-enhancing side effects. This also means SARMs might be a better option for women.

What Are the Strongest SARMs?

There isn’t one consensus on the strongest of the SARMs. However, YK-11, RED-140, and S23 are generally considered the strongest of all the SARMs that are available. These offer the best results due to their high anabolic levels.

It’s possible that these SARMs will also produce a reduction in testosterone levels, but hormone suppression depends on the person. This experience and the side effects will be different for everyone.

The most important choice with SARMs is the cycle length and the dosage, which should depend on your specific body. Most people who use these drugs opt for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

PCT is used for people who are completing a cycle of performance-enhancing drugs, like SARMs. The right PCT will allow your body to recreate the testosterone that was lost in a few weeks. This also helps prevent long-term side effects.

What Are the Benefits of Taking SARMs and Why Should You Take Them?

SARMs are generally much less dangerous than taking steroids, and they have further benefits. Especially if you’re also combining SARMs with PCT, you’ll be able to prevent the harmful side effects that steroids generally cause. 

Several benefits of SARMs include better performance, weight loss, and an increase in muscle mass. Additionally, many people see bones healing quickly and the prevention of muscle wasting.

Using SARMs to Enhance Performance

Using SARMs to improve performance means that you can possibly work for longer periods of time without feeling tired. This helps with strength training at the gym, which requires power and stamina.

Some athletes and other people don’t naturally have the ability to train for long periods of time. SARMs can help improve this ability, but adequate nutrition is still necessary.

Whether you’re looking to bulk up or take on longer workouts at the gym, SARMs might be your solution to enhancing performance.

However, if you’re a competitive athlete, check the rules for performance-enhancing drugs like SARMs before using them. 

SARMs for Weight Loss and Gaining Muscle

Many people struggle to lose weight and look to SARMs to help get rid of stubborn fats. This fat can tend to stick to vital organs and muscles, which makes training much more difficult.

People who are obese may also benefit from SARMs, but it’s important to not rely on SARMs without proper exercise and diet.

While steroids can help people bulk up and build fat and muscle, SARMs only help to build lean muscle. This is why people are looking to SARMs for a healthier option to gain muscles. They also don’t interfere with vital organs like your liver and kidneys the way steroids might.

SARMs Use for Health Benefits

Scientists are looking to SARMs for certain types of cancer, but there isn’t currently enough evidence to prove that it can cure tumors. These supplements have shown a lot of improvement for diseases related to the body’s skeletal system.

For people with weaker bones and poor bone density or people with osteoporosis, SARMs might help to heal and strengthen bones. These drugs also increase bone density and reduce inflammation.

Another health benefit of SARMs is the prevention of muscle wasting. Many people suffer from muscle atrophy and might benefit from gaining lean muscles by taking SARMs.

What Are the Risks and Disadvantages of Taking SARMs?

Along with all the benefits of SARMs, it’s important to understand the risks of these supplements. The first risk is the fact that it isn’t approved by the FDA, as previously stated.

This means that SARMs have not been tested for their long-term effects and complications. While this supplement has become popular, it is also not deemed suitable for human consumption.

Additionally, it’s possible that SARMs will have effects on other organs of the body. There are risks to your liver, kidneys, and heart, similar to steroids. While SARMs are not as harmful as steroids, it’s possible that they will affect similar organs in the body.

The final disadvantage of SARMs is the shortage of availability. This is especially true since they haven’t been approved by the FDA, so they aren’t on most markets. While you can find these supplements online, it might be difficult to continue to use one brand in the long run.

Using SARMs for Bodybuilding

People are often looking to use SARMs as a way to enhance their bodybuilding capabilities. This is because SARMs have muscle-building properties and tend to be easier to use than anabolic steroids.

Many people use SARMs for maintenance or for bulking. It’s important to find the right purpose for SARMs and follow the instructions carefully.

Most bodybuilders choose to start with a lower dose and then gradually increase. Also, if you’re a woman taking SARMs, you may look to take about half the dose a male bodybuilder would take.

Since SARMs affect the body’s testosterone production, it’s advised to use them for short periods of time.

The average recommended period is 8 to 12 weeks, and then give your body a break from SARMs for 4 to 12 weeks. This will help your body to not get too used to taking them.

Also, many bodybuilders take these drugs about an hour before their workouts. This can help maximize your gains.

SARMs for Women

If you’re a woman looking to take SARMs, you will need to adjust the dosage since women have much less testosterone than men. This also makes it harder to build muscle.

SARMs are a much safer option for women than steroids. This is because they’re tissue-specific and won’t increase your overall testosterone production all over the body.

There are certain options that are better to use than others because they target bone with muscle. This will help prevent diseases that are more common in women, like osteoporosis. This is why bone-building SARMs are a good option as a dietary supplement for aging women.

Additionally, taking a lower dosage of SARMs will help women to make sure they keep their body’s testosterone levels more stable. It’s also important to take breaks in between cycles. This will help your body recover from the decrease in testosterone.

Understanding The Safety of SARMs and Whether You Should Use Them 

Still asking “are SARMs safe to use?” SARMs, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are new to science and to the market for health and dietary supplements. While they have similar effects to steroids, they only target your bones and muscles, with fewer side effects.

Understanding these properties of SARMs will help you to determine if they’re right for you. Whether you’re a woman hoping to not change your levels of testosterone in your entire body or if you’re a bodybuilder looking to bulk up, it’s possible that SARMs are the perfect solution for you.

Keep in mind that SARMs are still not FDA-approved, so competing athletes may not be permitted to take them.

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